Hey Baby Jamboree

Hey Baby Jamboree was an all-day celebration of families organized by Hey Baby Feminist Parenting Group and Treehouse. Parents, caretakers, and children were invited to participate in activities including from yoga, dance, story time, and arts workshops.  

“Hey Baby Jamboree was a joyous experience for both caretaker(s) and child(ren). As a parent that recognizes the importance of community connection for my child’s development I was grateful for this space where free play, experimentation with new materials and subjects, and movement (Dance Party! Yoga!) could take place under one roof, amongst great folks. I can’t wait for the next one!”
— Katy Robinson

Family Yoga with carla Coffing

Families exercised, played, sang, and connected more deeply with their bodies and breath through a session of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation led by Carla Coffing.

Drag Queen Story Hour With Pickle

Drag Queen Story Hour captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood while giving kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models. Through story hour with Pickle, kids were able to see a person who defied rigid gender restrictions while imagining a world where people can present as they wish and where dress up is real.

Dance and movement with sarah Leddy

Families joyously participated in the Everybody and Me Dance Party organized by parent, teacher, and dancer Sarah Leddy. In this dance experience for everyone, adults were invited to dance with their little ones, starting with an open circle and moving with the music.

STorytelling with Rebecca Aranda

Mom, improviser, writer and storyteller Rebecca Aranda led a workshop on how to build better stories WITH your kids. Her techniques highlighted creative ways to bond through storytelling to relieve the tiredness that can come with reading the same story over again and again.

community (free) thrift store (mountain house)

Kristy Lovich of the Mountain House family hosted a pop-up Community (free) Thrift so participants could take what they needed and share what they had. Folks were invited to look through gently used baby and kid clothes and accessories to pick out as many items they may need and drop off children’s clothing items they wanted to share with others.

Where i live: onomatopoetic architecture of children’s home-place (mountain house)

Katy Robinson of the Mountain House family walked around the Armory with a recorder and mic recording children's onomatopoetic interpretations of the sounds they experience as part of their home-space. These recordings were preserved and archived as part of an ongoing investigation into home-place-experiences — particularly as one in which the children had the opportunity to generate their own representation of the spaces/places in which they experienced home.

Hand links with Kaitlynn Redell

Parent and artist Kaitlynn Redell led an art activity through which parents - together with their child(ren) - created collaborative "hand" links that could attach and detach in the length of their choosing, metaphorically playing off the duality of the interdependence- independence (in both roles) as well as the constant need for "an extra hand" that comes as part of being a parent and caretaker.

Cyanotype with Fiona Chang

Artist Fiona Chang invited families to create beautiful blue botanical art prints using the oldest of historic photographic process, the cyanotype. In this workshop, families were invited to create images on both paper and fabric with specially curated objects.

Handprinting with Annmarie Munn

Artist Annmarie Munn invited participants to create small blocks and print them by hand with colorful ink on paper and cloth using soft styrofoam plates and blunted pencils. Families were invited to bring a t-shirt, patch, or other piece of fabric they wanted to print on, though paper was also provided.

group drawing with Kaveri Nair

Families were invited to collaborate and create with their little one(s) in this process-oriented activity. Participants could use toy cars, pinecones, scrub brushes, paint brushes, or whatever they could find to make marks on paper.

MIleage Allowance with babsi Loisch

Artist Babsi Loisch invited parents to make a memory map with their child(ren) that traced paths of care-taking. This activity used materials like string, paint and paper to draw lines between movement and memory experienced in exchanges of care.

dance party with dj momface

DJ Momface closed out the event with an awesome soundtrack that families could dance and move along to.