Interview on Mom Rage Podcast with co-founder Gilda Davidian!

Mom Rage is a podcast dedicated to expanding the conversation about motherhood.

In each episode, co-hosts Amelia Morris and Edan Lepucki share their experiences and ask the tough questions: What makes a good mother anyway? How has our own upbringing influenced the way we parent? Is Amelia’s mom actually a bad person or does Amelia have some more “journeying” to do on that topic? Bonus: which country singers are getting it right (Brandi Carlile!) and which are sanctifying ‘Mama’ in a really uncomfortable way? Listen as Amelia and Edan engage various guests—authors, healthcare professionals, normal human parents trying their best—in frank, deep, funny, and enlightening conversations about all the joys and $@&! of motherhood.


Mom Rage Season 2,

Episode 5

Interview with Treehouse co-founder Gilda Davidian

Episode 5: Amelia's kids melted down in a big way at their annual doctor visit, and while Edan did rediscover her sex drive...there were some consequences. They then discuss what it might take for a mother to meet each of her child's individual needs. At 29:00, they interview Gilda Davidian, artist and co-founder of Treehouse, a family space that fosters connection through making art. She also talks about her feminist parenting group, Hey Baby, and how her first child's traumatic birth shaped her identity and her desire for community.

Stefani Greenwood